FRP Composite Bolted Tanks

Water storage tanks are a familiar site in our cities and communities.  It is common in America to have tanks built on legs in the air.  This is a cost effective way to store water at pressure in large quantities.  The expense of pumps and their technology in the past could not keep up with peak demands, so tanks were designed as a way to store up water to cover peak demands.  Around the world now countries have moved away from this design with water tanks and power lines.  Preferring to put them on the ground or buried for security and a better sky line.

Water Tower

Materials for construction also tended to be steel or concrete.  Challenges of keeping steel and concrete protected from the weather has grown to an industry of coatings of paint, glass, etc.  Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) has been one of the innovators of the last 30 years in many industries, and has made tank construction light weight, less expensive, easily customizable, and chemical resistant.

However, FRP tanks require a mold to spray and layer on the material, and strength becomes and issue the larger the tanks become.  UV degradation from the sun and internal cleaning of the tank can also be an issue.  What is the latest technology for standard drinking water and potable water?

FTC Picture Samples

Fiber Technology Corporation (FTC) Tanks

The layered resin is hydraulically compressed and fused into compact standard panels.  Every project can be easily transported and assembled in the field in a custom shape and design.  Shipping costs are dramatically reduced.  Labor costs can be dramatically reduced.  Insulation incorporated in the design allows them in some of the coldest remote locations or the hottest deserts.  UV inhibitors and chemistry of the panels easily pass the 40 year life test, and you can modify the tanks for future expansion by simply purchasing additional panels for a larger structure.

Why haven’t you seen these everywhere?  You may have seen some and not realized it.  The panels have neutral colors available, and people become blind to them in urban locations or plant facilities.  They are common all over the world, and they are becoming more common in America.  From a few thousand gallons to over 2 million gallons, FTC Tanks have the greatest experience in the industry, and have spawned a number of companies trying to copy their success.  However none of them can do it as well or a cost effectively as FTC.

From a custom tank at a car wash for water recycling or storage to a large ground level storage tank for a water utility or factory, please keep FTC in mind for your next project.  They are a true innovator, and we are proud to represent them at Innovative Engineered Equipment.